UK/EU Decision Intelligence for Agile Demand Planning, Buying & Merchandising: Digital Boardroom

UK/EU Decision Intelligence for Agile Demand Planning, Buying & Merchandising: Digital Boardroom

26 May 2021

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Zoom – BST

Meeting description


Individually tailored learning & networking experience for Directors of Merchandising, CX, Omnichannel and Heads of Digital ecommerce..

The last year has tested even the best and most experienced retail demand forecasters. The eCommerce boom, unanticipated peaks, changes to buying behaviour, longer waiting times at destinations/borders have all impacted the ability to accurately plan for and predict demand. As retailers find their “new normal” one thing is clear: peaks will continue to increase in length and availability is rapidly becoming the new battle ground. Failure to meet demand not only equals a missed revenue opportunity but impacts customer confidence and loyalty. Retailers are often sitting on a goldmine of data points however without the ability to glean insights and make intelligent decisions it’s a lost opportunity. 

Getting a better view of data has never been straightforward and is becoming more challenging as retail organisations grow in complexity. Against this backdrop it’s no wonder so many retailers are now turning to AI technology to power decision intelligence. AI technology can enable the true connection of data from across the organisation transforming decision making ultimately increase in profitability and drive commercial growth.

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Each “Digital Boardroom” will take place on Zoom and promises to:

  • Dig deep into a single business issue through interactive discussion with your peer group.
  • Deliver a focused 60-90 minutes from 11-12:30 so you can fit it around your other commitments.
  • Cap participation at 6-8 participants to ensure genuine interaction and free-flowing discussion.
  • Operate under the Chatham House Rule so you can be sure of a safe environment in which to share your challenges.

Topics of discussion include:

  • What is driving the need for agile demand planning, buying and merchandising?
    • What are the biggest blockers to agility?
    • How are you overcoming these?
  • How joined up is your business’s view of demand planning, buying and merchandising
  • How do others give their businesses better visibility and function?
  • What are the most easily identifiable areas for improvement?
  • How are others making decisions on which technologies or solutions are right for their demand planning, buying and merchandising?
  • What role could AI powered decision intelligence play? What experiences do others have?
  • How does your planning impact the rest of the business?
  • What are the right resources, skills and culture needed? Where are teams falling short? How are you filling this gap?
  • Where do you see the future of demand planning?