US Luxury Digital Week

US Luxury Digital Week

20 April 2021 - 21 April 2021

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Zoom – EDT

Meeting description


Individually tailored learning & networking experience for Heads of eCommerce & Omnichannel, Customer Data, Customer experience, Digital, Content & CX; Digital Marketing Directors.

Members are experiencing record eCommerce performance, others the exact opposite. Many are concerned about their brick&mortar presence, a few about their survival, and everyone is grappling for the right responses to new and unforeseen evolution of shopper behaviour and customer expectations. Now more than ever, luxury retailers need to harness insight from one another, and find ways to use data, smart technology and customer-centric strategy to deliver digital shopping experiences for high end customers in relevant and engaging ways. Hearing stories from your peers about how they are responding to today’s challenges will help everyone to find partners for collaboration and unlock the power of services, models and technology which are transforming how retailers approach customer journeys.

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Your Peer Group Is Your Secret Source – Closed doors, Open minds, Chatham House Rule applies.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Blending physical & digital for a Luxury concierge experience.
  • Payments as a customer growth and loyalty driver for luxury consumers.
  • Harnessing the power of shopper intent to create personalized experiences.
  • Next generation luxury consumer opportunities.
  • Exploring the right channel mix to acquire and retain customers.
  • Getting the best data insights for effective decision making.
  • Building loyalty and trust with luxury consumers.

Detailed breakdown of Roundtable topics:

Blending physical & digital for a Luxury concierge experience

Retail members are working hard to leverage digital channels and at the same time rethinking the use and role of bricks and mortar stores to ultimately find the right “blend” of physical and digital. Members will join this session to discuss a range of approaches and tools sharing insights on what they are doing to achieve the best “blend” to drive sales and meet customer expectations.


Payments as a customer growth and loyalty driver for luxury consumers

For Luxury retailers’ payments presents an opportunity to attract and retain new customer segments. Having the right payment  experience for luxury consumers  will increase conversions, AOV and customer approvals fuelling growth and loyalty.  Retail Hive members will join this discussion to share insights on:  What are the current challenges for payments and Luxury Brands? What’s your selection criteria for a payment partner? What are the payment options driving higher conversion rates? What are the payment options needed to attract the next generation of luxury consumers? How do we make payment a smooth part of the customer journey?


Building loyalty and trust with luxury consumers

Customer loyalty means different things to different brands but one thing is clear, loyalty is something that all brands strive for ( and always have strived for!).  Loyalty initiatives now need to go far beyond just transactions and as the opportunities and channels to do this are increasing it’s important to understand all the opportunities to build loyalty and trust and what impact this could have. Members will join this discussion to collaborate and share insights on: What are the must haves of an effective loyalty  program now? How are Luxury retailers linking loyalty beyond just transactions?  What’s the best practice for targeting and engagement with your core audience? What loyalty  programmes are they seeing drive results?


Harnessing the power of shopper intent to create personalized experiences

Being able to personalize a customer’s experience is a key differentiator for retailers and this is possible by finding the right balance of AI and strategic business control. Uncovering shopper intent will enable retailers to deliver personalized content, web experiences and interactions culminating in a hyper relevant experience for each individual customer.  The opportunity to create this personalization real time creates even more moments in the customer journey to be able to give the best experience to customers. Members will join this discussion to share experiences and discuss; What are the current blockers to achieving real time personalization? How can real time personalization increase AOV and customer retention? What’s the relationship between personalization tools and merchandising personnel? How do you get the right balance between automation and manual? Is 1:1 personalization possible?


Exploring the right channel mix to acquire and retain customers

Luxury marketing strategies can’t follow the same rules as other mass market brands.  However by identifying  preferred contact channels,  you can effectively engage, serve, and retain customers and drive profitable growth.  Getting the right channel mix is essential to success but with choice comes decisions; decision of where to spend your time, budget and resources for maximum impact.  Members will join this discussion to share insights and experiences on; What channels are retailers using (social, D2C, market places, web)? What’s working/not working for different customer segments? Where are the next opportunities? How can you be ready to leverage these channels?


Getting the best data insights for effective decision making

Retailers have oceans of data at their fingertips; ultimately the challenge lies in generating actionable insight from all this data and using it to drive better customer engagement and better results and ultimately achieving a single view of the customer. It’s not only about the data – it’s also essential to break down internal silos and have the right tools and strategy. Members will join this discussion so discuss: What are your current barriers to gaining actionable insights? What have been your challenges/wins of breaking down data silos across the business? What’s your current approach to data capture across all of your channels? How close are you to having a single view of the customer?


Next generation luxury consumer opportunities

Buying behaviours and expectations of consumers are changing creating a huge opportunity for Luxury retailers to tap into. However this isn’t as straightforward as it sounds with the legacy of many luxury brands and shifts in approach needed. It is estimated that by 2026, millennials and Gen Z will account for 60% of luxury consumers globally so how do you act now to create this pipeline of future customers? Members will come together to discuss this and more exploring: What is important to the next generation luxury consumer? What does this mean for marketing strategies today? What brands are already doing this well? What are the must haves to attract this next generation consumer?




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