US Thinking Outside The Bot Box: Digital Boardroom

US Thinking Outside The Bot Box: Digital Boardroom

27 May 2021

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Zoom – EDT

Meeting description


Using chatbots to direct customers to FAQs and solve WISMO enquiries as part of the after sales customer support mix is a well established driver of efficiency and speed. But over the past 12 months significant innovation in chatbot technology combined with the mass customer migration to online has encouraged Retail Hive members to make targeted use of automation to advance customers through their pre-purchase online journey, helping to move them to checkout and conversion. And most exciting of all are examples of where chatbots are being used on social channels to make social commerce a reality, providing timely and relevant steerage of customers pre and post sale on their preferred channels for interaction.

During this discussion Retail Hive members will explore how to deploy chatbots across channels throughout the entire customer journey to drive growth, loyalty and efficiency.

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