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      Hi, this is something we are also looking to implement at Dyson in 2021. Would be great to chat through how you’re building your business case to justify the fees, because there’s clearly the CX benefit – customers being able to self-serve (at a day / time / location of their choice) – which will reduce the volume of inbound calls to the contact centre (asking them “How do I return this product?”). By having the returns platform, the operations teams’ will also have visibility of the returns coming back in; which means you can turn the stock around quickly. The returns platform could also allow you to initiate the refund at the point when the item is scanned into the carrier network (rather than waiting for the item to come back to the DC etc). Obviously, each business will have their own set of requirements but there are certainly CX benefits to be had; as well as operational efficiencies. The returns portal could even be used as an opportunity to cross/up-sell – if handled correctly and the right assets were available. Lots to think about and consider.

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      I am currently looking to sign up to a returns partner but with a lower than average returns rate. I feel I could struggle to justify the platform fees.

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