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      Will Lockie

      Hi Steve, we sell via Zalando DE at the moment, and whilst the onboarding process seemed complex (logistics mainly, plus product data stuff), once you are onboard via CA you will be able to open up beyond DE fairly easily also. Can you send me any specific questions you have here and I will have our marketplace manager answer you (she previously worked at CA and Zalando so knows how it works). Hope it helps!


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      Rutger Wismeyer

      Hi Steve,

      Are you looking to sell through Zalando on their wholesale model or their partner program? If the latter, as Zalando is a curated marketplace, I assume you have been approached by them? I do not have first-hand experience but can put you in touch with some in my network who do.

      Cheers, Rutger

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        Steve Newman

        Thanks Rutger, we are looking at the Fulfilment by Zalando, yes we have been contacted directly (through Channel adviser, who we had been talking with about their services too)

        If you could ask around, that would be very helpful. thank you!

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      Dave Robinson

      Sorry Steve – no experience of Zalando nor alternative providers. Good luck with it

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      Steve Newman

      Hello all, i was wondering if anyone has started with Zalando recently and could advise how their experience has been?

      We are interested but it would be quiet a departure from our DTC operation having to put in place whole new processes to work with them.

      Any tips/advice/insights/challenges overcome?



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