New Channels and New Ways of Engaging Through Channels

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      Frankie Shand

      Here are some key takeaways from the New Channels and New Ways of Engaging Through Channels discussion:

      – I’ve learned a lot of different ideas that larger brands are doing, there was a mention of always finding the right agencies which can be a massive struggle for everyone. Theres still a big issue of how you show off the product online and on different channels, how do you present that journey to benefit the customer and the brand?

      – It’s focusing on where the customer wants to shop, and using these channels to your competitive advantage, there are a lot of new channels and platforms so we need to be 1 step ahead of where we are currently.

      – Now more than ever need to focus on the customer and understanding the customers, we have online customers who also shop in store and we don’t link them up properly which would benefit us massively if we did. Omnichannel is so beneficial it’s silly to not be linked up.

      – I need to check if paying influencers will work better for us? Miracle and different platforms seem very beneficial going forward so I’d love to find out more about these.

      – What was said about the google shopping drug, how do we get off of this? These platforms are creating dependencies for us all and getting off of these dependencies is really important for us all to be successful individually.

      – There are so many ways to interact with influencers, it’s key to try it all out and see what resonates with your brands most, it’s all an engagement builder more than anything.

      – The battle between do you build your own platform or go with a third party one? Each have benefits but it’s more a matter of if you can afford the % fees with 3rd party or if keeping your own platform up to date costs more overall?

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