Automation & Robotics – Key Takeaways

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      – I think the key thing I have taken is the need to not just go full big bang, incrementally enhance what you are doing. Do not jump in too big.
      – You need to be agile to all the changes, being flexible and agile in your approach is much more challenging than it used to be. Robots give you this agility.
      – It is the joined up-ness and ease of integration, you need to meet a provider who is easy to integrate with you WMS and robotics solution. Very interesting session.
      – It’s beyond doubt that there is a lot of positive for automation and robotics, we are struggling with creating visibility on a global level. Hard to make decision fast enough and scale them. When you zoom out on a corporate level, the struggle is how long it takes to introduce everything.
      – It’s important to do it smaller batch than do the whole thing at once. The ability to rent robotics is a great thing to find out so that we can do it for a while and show the board the benefits.
      – You need to maximise the asset and view it as an employee, if you had an employee stood doing nothing it wouldn’t be good so a robot shouldn’t be doing the same.
      – The uncertainty of not knowing what the new norm will be like… how do you bring in something which you can scale up and down with rises and falls in demand?

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