Supply Chain People, Peak and Agility – Key Takeaways

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      Frankie Shand

      – Having a clear career path across the business as you join. The ongoing challenge for our operational colleagues. Flexibility is so key. It’s great to see how aligned everyone is on the situation. When it comes to relying on agency labour and how we approach peak, it’s going to be challenging.
      – I suppose, it’s how we can add flexibility into the warehouse to retain staff. It’s hard with a small and tight team, we need to be more attractive to those around them.
      – How do we individually and collectively adapt to a changing labour market?
      – We are likely to go through the robotic route. There is the observation to ensure you do not have the wrong resource at the wrong time! Our delivery proposition is one of our USP.
      – Don’t think I have anything different to add. It’s about flexibility and using the full extent of the supply chain to help with the workload in the DC’s. It’s interesting to hear everyone has the same challenges. Robotics is just another leaver that we can pull on.
      – I don’t think we are as integrated as some of the other brands on this call. The supply chain and IT holy trinity need to be more aligned. I need to know what’s going on in the commercial team. You need to ask yourself about resource people and structure.
      – There is 2 parts, we are all competing for the same resource, and one of the other things we have done is work with partners that are with facilities that don’t have peaks at the same time as them. Inevitably it’s going to get harder. Collaboration helps.
      – One of the things we are hearing is a shift in the mindset about the value of the supply chain. While we haven’t got a silver bullet it is clear that there are options out there.

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