The Role of the Store – Key Takeaways

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      Frankie Shand

      Below are the key takeaways from our Role of the Store session at day 1 of Focus on Fulfilment:

      -It’s been really interesting to see how the pandemic impacted different businesses, there’s a lot of interest in utilising the store for fulfilment and for us it’s important to work out how we can be sure to make it add value & income.
      – We have the opportunities but it needs to be profitable and efficient. There’s no one size fits all, it must be nuanced and measured.
      – Interesting to see how everyone’s had a similar experience with customer demand, interesting stuff about what customers want from delivery, the balance against certainty and control vs speed.
      – It’s a fun debate we’re having in our business about certainty vs speed. As we work on solutions for click and collect it’s good to hear what others are doing about it.
      – Stay alert, aware and listen to your customer… build up a mass of data and make sense of this crazy environment were in.
      – Don’t fall too in love with your ideas because as we’ve seen, things can change super quickly.
      – Very much need to focus on what the customer wants, specific to the store
      – Important to consider experiential stores compared to the standard online service
      – Everyone has seen a massive shift of in store to online shopping.
      – How do we get staff ready to fulfil from store, whilst keeping cost down but quality high?
      – Everybody wants people to make sure they return to the store whether it be fore shopping, click and collect or returns.

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