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      Mark Rickard

      Hi all – Just to add my highlight to the group as we ran out of time. I think my main takeaway was a level of comfort that we are all facing similar challenges, regardless of the size of our business.

      If can support anyone in the group who is considering on-boarding a 3PL I would be more than happy to do so, just drop me a note. Thanks Mark.

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      Lydia Matthews

      -Don’t get  seduced by the idea of something new & shiny, make sure you are clear & honest internally around what’s needed
      – Are all the capabilities needed from Day 1? Is your team capable of managing these new shiny tools? 
      – If you are looking to drive efficiencies with scanning, be cautious not to overscan
      – Relationships with 3rd parties need to be measured on trust.
      – Be clear (with partners) on all capabilities needed and expectations from Day 1, there should be no second guessing
      – Strive to find the balance of being bold with what you are striving to achieve, whilst ensuring you are not limiting ability. 
      The challenge around finding the right talent is here to stay. It’s not just us struggling but also the suppliers
      Have clear KPI’s & performance parameters with partners, however, strong trust is the source of success
      Evaluate what processes need to invest in before scaling.
      -be clear from the beginning as to what your requirements are and what you expect from the relationship.
      -Be constructive in feedback, don’t cut a relationship too quickly if something goes wrong, trust in their expertise to help you.
      -.Leveraging 3PL’s can give your company time to focus on what you do best, and your partners can focus on the logistics.
      -Ensure you think  longer term, have the end goal in mind and what back to what you need today – 

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      Lydia Matthews

      GREAT discussion today- lots to cover – please continue to share your experiences as we were just scratching the surface!
      REFLECTIONS – from the last 15 months
      – Ensure you carve thinking time to plan
      – Conveyor deployment – pre-covid sceptic but biggest win!
      -Leveraging 3PL’s enabled focus on the core
      -COVID created an opportunity that would have unlikely occurred
      -Strong relationships supported growth
      – Balance between scaling business and entrepreneurial growth
      -Stores are central to fulfilment – critical to manage volume and achieve sustainability goals
      -Warehouse reconfiguration critical to success

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