Supply Chain Sustainability

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      Lydia Matthews

      As part of Focus on Fulfilment we held a dedicated discussion with members on Supply Chain Sustainability – lots of questions, thought provoking points of considerations and we want to continue to build the discussion on this every growing priority.
      Takeaways from Focus on Fulfilment Discussion:
      – The tech and suppliers are not quite there! so it’s frustrating there are not the answers yet-  but good to know we are all have the same questions
      – We need to put more pressure on our partners to get the info we need so we can get the understanding of how sustainable we really are – and pass the info onto our customers
      – We need to work out what we can do to educate customers and get them to select sustainable options where there is one
      – Having a shared point for collection for retailers might help with sustainability    – opportunity for collaboration
      -As an industry we need to be active in driving this change – ourselves and with suppliers
      -Need to review how we make eco time slot attractive to customers
      -Sustainability is such a big area – so prioritising and knowing where to begin is critical – future fuel is a focus
      -Clear from this conversation perhaps customers are not willing to pay for sustainability – this present challenges we need to think about
      -Electric vans are underdeveloped – but still need to explore how they become part of the sustainability initiative

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